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Welcome to the show, a show you will never forget. Here you'll cry with tears that have dried. You'll know things you should never know. So pick your seat and let your heart flow...

My dark side is near me... This is my side which makes me shine. I'm just letting my brightness fill the stars at night. My side that you love...




Hey everybody! I’m without internet, so sorry if I’m not posting here. Hope everyone is doing great and I wish happy holidays for everybody! <3

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When your feelings go down…

Hey! If I could choose some words to explain how my week was, I could put those. Well, obviously I had very special moments and nice days, but other days weren’t so good. I will explain what happened with me and what I’ve learned with everything.

I wasn’t feeling good and in need. It’s so weird to say, but I was really think like last years. “Oh, I will not find a special guy in my life”, “I’m not good enough”. And the guy I like, a straight guy, is sad because the girl he likes doesn’t notice him and just think about guys she couldn’t be happy with.

So he feels like her, and I feel just like them. And then suddenly everything makes sense to me. We, humanity, are always trying to get what’s hard for us. And we just do it for our vanity. It’s one of those selfish feelings which are not charateristics of our way to be, but some people hav this as one.

Then I decided to do just one thing: say to people sweet things and open their smiles. Yes, I know for most of people of this world named Earth, saying cute things is not a well received action. But it makes me feel so good and I know somebody was feeling good too.

So I think when your feelings go down you should try to look up to the best things in your life. It always get better. If you have love inside you, just spread the words you want to say for them. Love is always the answer!

December 8, 2012
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Christmas lights

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where can i find a place like this omg 

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